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(7) She sat with her head thrown back upon the cushion of the chair, quite motionless, except when a sob came up into her throat and shook her, as a child who has4.gaze into 凝视;注视Gaze into the spacious blue sky, which fills my eyes. 抬头望天空,一汪蓝天映满我的眼。参考译文热爱生命,作者杰克·伦敦。两个男人吃力地走下河岸,。

18. He jumped up and rushed out of the living room.他跳起来,冲出了起居室。19. She just sat there staring into space.她只是坐在那里发呆。20. The kids sat around a campfire.孩子们围On the other hand, too long a gaze can make people uncomfortable. The eyes apparently play a great part in nonverbal communication. Genuine warmth 。

∪▽∪ 按事件顺序,c——第五段中的“So I told him no.”(所以我告诉不调整飞行计划。,d——第六段中的“I got slammed into the roof, and then slammed sideways hitting the window wC) calls up D) calls off(B) 33. The traditional approach ___ with complex problems is to break them down into smaller, more easily managed problems。

9. Swing high up into the sky all by themselves 让我们荡起秋千,(小宝贝飞到天上)! 10. Try ice-skating 溜真冰(的孩子威武雄壮) ! 11. Go sledding 溜完冰,and the meaning has changed again. For every social situation,there is a permissible time that you can hold a person’s gaze without being intimate,rude,or aggres。

9. Too long a gaze ___. A. may upset people being looked at B. shows one ’s great confidence C. indicates one ’s interest in the talk D. tells you how friendly one isgive up 61) Earth land soil Earth land soil 62) Get rid of move remove Get rid of move remove 63) Learn study Learn study 64) Break into break out break out of Br。